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It’s the Year of the Garden

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The National Garden Bureau has declared 2022 “The Year of the Garden,” but honestly, gardens both large and small have been receiving much more attention for the past two years. In 2020, when shutdowns led to the vast majority of people staying home, putting in a garden – whether for flowers or for food – seemed like a good way to pass some time and acquire some new skills. In 2021, more people realized gardening wasn’t just a hobby; it was a way to control the food they ate and a way to save money at the grocery store.

So what’s so special about this year? Now that gardeners, both new and experienced, know what they want to do, they can get a little more creative. There are literally thousands of varieties of vegetables…and fruits…and flowers…and herbs. Consider, for example, my favorite brassica, the romanesco (also known as romanesco broccoli). And do you know how many kinds and colors of bell peppers there are? It’s awesome!

Fear not if you didn’t plan ahead for a garden this year. You don’t have to grow everything from seed. Many garden centers (and even some farm stands) offer seedlings. All you have to do is transplant them and take care of them from there.

To see how our friends north of the border are celebrating the Year of the Garden, just check out this link. And send us your garden pictures at! We want to see how you’re celebrating this wonderful year.

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