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Send us your snaps from Photography Month!

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Today, we are fortunate enough to have quality cameras just sitting in our pockets (or, let’s be honest, never leaving our hands). That makes May, National Photography Month, even more exciting, since we can snap pretty pictures basically all the time.

Officially recognized by Congress in 1987, National Photography Month is a time to celebrate photography as an art form, the history of photography and taking selfies on your phone. Speaking of history – did you know the Eastman Museum is in Rochester, NY? Also referred to as George Eastman House, International Museum of Photography and Film, it is the world’s oldest museum dedicated to photography and one of the world’s oldest film archives, opened to the public in 1949. In Massachusetts, there is the Griffin Museum of Photography in the town of Winchester. Often thought of as one of many art forms, these museums put photography front and center.

However, if you don’t want to simply appreciate the work of others and wish to hone your photo-taking skills, Shutterfly offers this helpful article for beginner tips and tricks. And as always, we’d love to see your work! Send us your best shots of you living your best rural life and we’ll share them. Email them to

Until then… here are some of Editor Courtney’s favorite shots:

Autumn, Hampden, MA
Winter, North Adams, MA
California from Catalina Island
Bumblebee, LSU Arboretum
Cypress swamp, Tensas Parish, LA

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