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Supporting small business: Gardinnovations

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Small Business Saturday has been taking place for over a decade now on the day following the mass stampedes on Black Friday. Why put more money into the hands of faceless corporations when you can support your neighbors?

Country Culture wants to take some time to mention one small business you can support as you try to find the perfect gift for the horticulturalist in your life – our newest partner, Gardinnovations.

Just as the name implies, they provide innovative garden tools – and founder Scott Kachlany invented many of the implements himself.

Scott is a microbiologist by training, having earned a Ph.D. at Cornell University, so he said it was “natural to think of new things and research them out in the garden.”

“It’s amazing to see things grow, to see things start from seed – and to share the bounty with your friends,” he said of gardening. “There’s the joy of growing food more than actually using all of it.”

And growing that food should be as easy as possible. That’s why Gardinnovations offers things like the 24-hole soil digger, reusable plastic dome cloches and raised garden bed kits. There’s even a Growing Gardener tool kit for kids.

“They’re novel, they’re brand new,” Scott said of his products. “You can’t find some of these things in a store, or even find them online.”

The newest tools are the seedling scoopers, which allow gardeners to safely and efficiently remove plants from their seed starting trays while preserving the integrity of the plastic trays – no more dents and no much less waste.

Want to check out the seedling scooper in action? Check out this video.

“There are no other products similar – and I like new products not having a twin out there,” Scott said. “Every item is also very user-friendly. They would make great gifts for a gardener starting out. They would have all the tools they need for the nuances that come with starting a garden.”

Scott added that he thinks it’s important to support small businesses because “that’s where innovation comes from, directly at the source of using these products.”

And for a great deal while you’re doing some holiday shopping, Scott said if you purchase through the Gardinnovations website, you get free shipping. How great is that?

Whether you’re shopping for yourself post-Thanksgiving or for someone else, remember that Small Business Saturday is just one day, but your local small businesses are literally there for you.

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  1. Thanks for reminding your readers to support local businesses when possible. That is an important message. Also nice to see some examples of the garden tools that are out there.

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