All work and no play? No thanks

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January 27 is National Have Fun at Work Day, and if that sounds impossible, it’s not. Really!

Don’t wait for fun and joy to come to you. Sometimes you have to create it yourself, and that’s okay. We’ve all played games to make tedious or tough activities pass faster. How many bales can you throw in a minute? They say plants respond positively to music – how often have you sung to your tomatoes plants in the garden?

There are some ways to have fun with others too. Whether it’s with coworkers or family members, taking a little time to make someone else smile or laugh is worthwhile. To shake things up, consider putting together a scavenger hunt. It might actually help you find that missing spade or clean out some spaces that might have been, ahem, neglected during 2022 spring cleaning.

In the same vein, think about putting together a bingo card with prizes being offered for those five-in-a-row lines. The spaces can be objects or duties or even different animals spotted, whether they’re in the barn, in the house or across the field.

Maybe your fun at work is making that early morning trip into town for some freshly baked donuts for the gang. Maybe it’s having everyone trade some delicious treats.

If it’s possible, think about organizing a field trip. Maybe it’s just to another farm down the road to see a neighbor you usually only see in passing. Maybe it’s to the local co-op to buy something you normally wouldn’t so you can step outside of your comfort zone. As we’ve noted before, there are a ton of local museums that would love to see you too!

Infusing fun in the workplace is a great way to bond with coworkers, boost team morale, gain inspiration and even increase productivity.

Ruts are not fun places to be, so let us know what you do to have fun at work.

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