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Farmers Market Focus: Derry Homegrown Farm & Market

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Since 2017, Derry, NH, has hosted a farmers market to showcase hobbyists and family businesses selling products from jams and jellies to greeting cards. This year, the market has run every Wednesday beginning at 3 p.m. since June 7.

This season’s Derry Homegrown Farm and Artisan Market has already been a huge success. On June 14 alone, there were over 30 vendors displaying their products, and hundreds of community members admiring their work. The idea behind the Derry Homegrown Farm and Artisan Market is to introduce consumers to local farmers and creators as well as provide farmers and craftspeople with a sustainable marketplace to sell their products.

At the end of the day, being able to sell their produce, flowers or pottery is what keeps them in business.

Not only are there a wide variety of shoppers at the market, there are also a wide variety of vendors. Most of the vendors are family businesses; some have been in business for over two decades, whereas some are less than a year in the making. Additionally, no two vendor’s products were alike.

Jack of Singing Pond Farm. Photo by Kelsi Devolve

As pictured, Singing Pond Farm is a new business (just started in 2023) that focuses on pottery, flowers and produce. One of the owners, Jack, proudly represented their booth at the market and specifically explained how passionate their business is when it comes to sustainability. Singing Pond Farm donates all of their food waste, and they attend these farmers markets to make connections and partnerships with other small southern New Hampshire businesses.

Another large success at the June 14 Derry Market was Nomad Bakery, a family business that began 10 years ago. The mother-and-son duo at the market assisted dozens of customers within 10 minutes of restocking their homemade bread supply. They create various types of bread such as sourdough and fougasse. The fougasse had customers returning to the market week after week to purchase more as a side for their dinners. Their main baker, Cheryl, even delivered new batches of bread straight from the oven at home to their booth at the market.

There are many friendly faces at the event, especially Debbie from Debbie D’s. She makes a wide variety of flavored jams and jellies, pickles, relish and more. Not only is her food delicious, but she has been in business for 24 years total and really enjoys the opportunities the Derry Homegrown Farm and Artisan Market has to offer.

While at the Derry Farmers Market, it was clear to see that a community was being formed. It’s about making connections with local farmers who provide high quality food options and are passionate about their work, who come back week after week and year after year. Farmers markets such as this one are essential for small producers and farmers. It gives them an opportunity to show off their business and make people smile with their stories, produce and homemade items.

by Kelsi Devolve

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