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Great gifts for book lovers

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Books are very popular gifts, no matter what the special occasion is. Genres that run the gamut from fantasy to nonfiction ensure there’s a book out there for everyone. But finding the right gift for a book-loving loved one may not be as easy as it seems.

Avid readers may have personal book collections that rival local libraries, so it can be difficult to find something they haven’t already read. In addition, asking them what’s on their wish list of books can remove the element of surprise from gift-giving. Fortunately, shoppers can still light up their favorite book lovers’ eyes with just the right tome, even if they’re not giving them a recent bestseller.

  • Gift certificates: Despite the opportunity to buy anything and everything online these days, supporting local bookstores often means a lot to both your reader and the store itself. Unique editions, low-cost used copies and more are usually available, and everyone involved in the transaction is supporting the local community.
  • Bookshelf: E-readers may provide instant access to millions of books, but many avid readers still prefer physical books. Bookshelves can make the perfect gift for book lovers who take great pride in their home libraries. Bookshelves come in all shapes, sizes and styles, from ladder bookcases to floating bookshelves to built-ins. A basic understanding of your loved one’s home decor preferences is all you need to find a bookshelf that can blend in seamlessly in their reading room.
  • Audio book subscription: Audio book subscription services have grown in popularity in recent years. These services make it possible for busy readers to devour their favorite books while commuting to and from work or running daily errands in the car.
  • Bookends: Book lovers tend to put a lot of effort into designing their reading rooms. Decorative bookends, which can have a humorous angle or tie into a theme that correlates to readers’ favorite literary genre (i.e., boat bookends for lovers of maritime histories), can make for great, unique gifts.
  • Embosser: Embossers allow readers to put their personal stamps on every book in their collections. That not only adds a unique touch to readers’ personal libraries, but also may increase the chances that the books they loan out to friends and family members are ultimately returned. After all, who wouldn’t return a book to its original owner when that book has been personally embossed?

Many items make the perfect gift for book lovers, even if shoppers are unsure about buying their loved ones actual books.

Each year, September 6 is Read a Book Day, but giving books (and book-related goodies) is always in style!

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