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“I just want good products for my homestead that will last. I am tired of cheaply built products that are built to be cheap but only last for a year or so, and sometimes not even that long. I wish I could connect with some small family shop who makes products like they used to.”

If that sounds like you, we are having the same thoughts. Homeplace Market is not just a business, it is a passion. A passion to connect the small family shop with households and homesteads across America.

We have been hoeing the garden and feeding animals on our homestead nearly all of our lives. In 2017 we began working with local businesses to offer their products to people outside of our community. With the help of our website, we now have the privilege of supporting those small local businesses by giving them a fair price for their products and meeting the needs of people far and wide.

For many manufacturers, showcasing their work and answering customers questions is not their strong point. While many Americans like handcrafted products, they also like big box store packaging. We work with our shops to produce products that offer not only long-lasting value but also look good and are presented with materials that explain the product and its features.

What do we sell? Our focus is value-based products for the home and homestead. Our line of products includes items for the kitchen with a focus on stainless steel. We offer stainless steel dish drain boards, dish racks, bread pans, covered brownie pans and cookie sheets. Home canning is a beloved practice for those of us who grow our own food. We are glad to present some USA-made home canning products as well. We offer home canning products like water bath canners, jar rings and jar lids.

We also sell mobile chicken coops. We have been around animals most of our lives, so when a small business in another community began building strong, well-designed chicken coops called Alumi-Coop, we took notice. We like the chicken tractors by Alumi-Coop for several reasons. The welding is done right. They are built out of (long-lasting) aluminum. They are mobile coops – and easily moveable!

On our farm, our children enjoy taking care of our chickens and moving our Alumi-Coops. Our chickens get to enjoy plenty of fresh grass and great ventilation in summer. Feeding, watering and collecting the eggs is a breeze with the outside feeder, waterer and roll-away nest box that brings the eggs to the outside. Not to mention, they do well at keeping the chickens safe. After getting inquiries from people across the country, we learned how to pack and ship the coops to people nationwide.

Homeplace Market is a small business run by our family and some great local help. While it may be easier buying from large distributors, we value the personal relationships we have with each of our small business vendors. Many of our vendors, like us, value our community-based, hard-working lifestyle over large corporate, profit-driven enterprise. As Christians, running our business is more than a way to earn a living – it is a way to put our faith into practice. This affects how we treat our vendors, respect our co-workers and serve our customers both before and after a sale.

If you wish to stop by, we would love to meet you. Our new retail area will soon be opening near Bedford, PA. Find us at 289 Ferguson Rd., Schellsburg, PA.

For Homeplace Market LLC, thank you. – Wendell Zeiset

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